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Social Responsibility
  Jiangsu Etern Company Limited has always been adhering to the social responsibility concept of fulfilling social responsibility, honest operation, pay taxes according to law, providing employment, complying with business ethics, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of customers, ensuring the health and safety of workers, and actively taking responsibility for protecting the environment and saving resources.

  In its development, Jiangsu Etern Company Limited pays great attention to the interests of the country, the enterprise and workers. In the past three years, the company has paid hundreds of millions CNY in tax totally. As a big tax payer, it has been praised by the District Party Committee and the district government. It is one of the enterprises in Wujiang District that have the strongest sense of social responsibility. With regard to its fulfillment of social responsibility, the company allocates special funds every year for earthquake relief, poverty alleviation and charity donations. In recent years, it has totally donated 200 million CNY to the society, winning wide praise from all walks of life.
  1.Build correct concept of corporate social responsibility and promote healthy and steady development of the enterprise;
  2.Be devoted to the cause of public welfare, and never forget to repay the society;
  3.Maintain harmonious and stable labor relations to protect the well-being of employees;
  4.Improve energy efficiency and develop awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection;
  5.Implement brand strategy planning and strengthen product quality management;
  6.Establish a long-term mechanism for safety production management, and strengthen publicity and education in safety production;
  7.Ensure the eligibility of information disclosure and establish a sound internal control system.