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Corporate profile
  Founded in 1978, after more than 40 years of steady and sustained development, ETERN has made great achievements with strength and innovation. We own dozens of holding and participating companies, and have become a multi-industry comprehensive group enterprise with communication technology, overseas project, automobile industry and superconducting industry as its core business.
  Jiangsu Etern Company Limited, listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 1997 as the first privately owned listed company in China's optical cable industry, is the core enterprise of Jiangsu Etern Group Company Limited.
  For a long time, ETERN has taken honesty as foundation, internationalization as direction, strategy and talents as basis, and technology innovation as focal point, aiming at realizing the development goal of branding, high-end operation and internationalization. The company has been listed among the Top 500 private enterprises and the Top 500 private manufacturers in china, and completed a number of national and provincial projects including the National 863 project, building the brand of international recognition.