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Enterprise culture

Core philosophy


Our Mission

Our vision

Our ethos

Our core value

Creating High Quality Cable   Communicating in Unlimited Space   Enjoying a Better Life

A Centennial Company Embracing the World

The sincerity carries the trust and never ends

To be humanistic, honest, Quality-based and Innovation-driving


Definition of our culture

Etern implies "Eternal Ding", an ancient cooking vessel with two loop handles and three or four legs in China, which is the representative of bronze culture in China. The vessel was regarded as an instrument in ancient times, which was the symbol of the state and power, and it was also a ritual instrument to record the achievements of meritorious service. Ding as an important ritual, symbolizing unity, unity and authority, is a mascot symbolizing peace, development and prosperity.

The company will carry forward the enterprise spirit of "Being honest forever" to build" A Centennial Company " in accordance with the business philosophy of " infinite communication for the future". We promote the spirit and create the first-class image of our company. We build and promote corporate culture as the focus of the two civilizations of enterprise development, and manage the company based on the corporate culture, so that it can really become the key corporate cultural strength to inspire and bring together all employees to work together and promote the development of the company.