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Etern was invited to participate in TOEM cable sheathing material specification conference

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  On April 10, the conference on the technical specification of optical cable sheathing, sponsored by the TOEM market and technical forum, was successfully held in Shantou. The conference was organized by Shantou Aoxing Communications Equipment Co., Ltd. Etern Research Institute President Wei Zuguo and Communication Technology Standardization Manager Chen Xiaohong was invited to attend the conference.

  The conference was chaired by Mu Chengbin, honorary chairman of the TOEM Forum, Duan Zhigang, secretary general of the Communications Cable and Optical Cable Committee of the China Telecommunications Enterprise Association; Lu Bingyi, general manager of Shantou Aoxing; Dr. Wei Zhonghong, Wangrui Laboratory, Liu Tai of Tier Laboratory of China Information and Communications Academy; Daina of National Cable Inspection, and more than 40 experts from YOFC, Fiberhome, HTGD, SDG, TRIJIANT, Jiangsu Etern Company Limited, Futong, Tongding Group, Changzhou Southern Electronic Element Factory Co., Ltd., Shenzhen city science and technology limited company, CGN and KANGTAI PIPE INDUSTRY respectively attended the conference.

  According to the current quality of optical cable products and the status of sheathed raw materials, this technical specification is required to be appropriate to the national standards, to be supplemented reasonably, and to pay attention to applicability and innovation. Compared with the current national standards, some indexes have been slightly improved and the testing content has been expanded, which makes the standard more suitable for the current domestic raw material production and quality control requirements. The conference has also put forward some contents to be studied, and will carry on the supporting test work, in order to better complete the main content of the specifications. At the conference, material production enterprises, optical cable enterprises and experts from the testing center exchanged views, which will play a far-reaching significance to the healthy development of the industry.